Womb Wisdom

31524875_2100246913572659_6814860261086724096_nImagine waking up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in your womb? And crawling to the bathroom, with beads of sweat forming on your brow. Knowing that this is your moon time, your menstrual cycle has began! And for the next three to four days this pain will be a constant remainder that you are a woman and this is your lot in life. This experience is repeated once a month, every month! You have tried all sorts of remedies, from drinking ginger or listened to some old wife’s tale that once you have given birth that these monthly occurrences will be a thing of the past.

Years later, you fall pregnant and a bit anxious at the prospect of being pregnant, especially with your colourful history. After all this is confirmed that you are pregnant you begin to experience some pain as the weeks progress. You anxiously make an appoint for your first scan, and as you sit patiently for your turn in the waiting room, concerned but unaware of the devastating news you are about to hear. While laying on the reclined chair, partially undressed with that sticky cold gel on your stomach, and the technician pressing down with the apparatus on your stomach to get an image of the new life growing inside of you. And there is plain silence, one can hear a pin drop in the room. You get dressed and told to wait. A few agonising minutes roll by and your doctor steps into the room. With a calm clinical manner, you are told that you have an epitomic pregnancy. An epitomic pregnancy is where the foetus develops outside of the uterus, typically in the fallopian tube. If the pregnancy grows further it will normally rupture the Fallopian tube. This can cause heavy internal bleeding and pain. Causing a medical emergency. Your doctor explains this all to you, as you are numb with shock. A decision must be made to terminate this pregnancy or risk your life.


These are some of the common dis-eases woman may experience during there life. Our modern way of thinking see this only for what it is. From a shamanic perspective there is a deeper dis-ease occurring within the womb. In our modern day life, woman have lost touch with our womb. We have poisoned our bodies with poisons creating dis-ease i.e. fibroids, tumors, cysts and the like. We have created and destroyed babies. We have allowed men to probe our wombs while holding us down. We have a poor diet, get no rest and we are ashamed of our bodies. Growing in a patriarchal society has taught us to be ashamed of our bodies, our needs and desires. We have grown comfortable with our shame, guilt and fear.

The truth is that women are strong. We hold the Goddess within. Our womb is what makes us divinely feminine. When we allow ourselves to step out of our own way, and allow our Divine Light to shine. We empower ourselves as women. The empowered feminine walks a path of beauty, love, freedom and joy. She becomes aware that She and life is sacred. She then steps into being the sovereign true essence of herself and tapes into her intuition and wisdom.

This is the story of my womb. She has experienced sexual abuse, rape, miscarriages and epitomic pregnancies, cysts and period pains. We have delved deep and uncovered what was the root cause.  I believe I can empathize with the fear, the pain, the guilt and the shame.

This was part of my womb wisdom I carried for generations and carried over from past incarnations. I witnessed my late mother transition out of this world from ovarian cancer, completing her journey of healing through her womb. I believe as women for generations we have kept silent of our deep wounds and continue to carry our shame and guilt within our womb. We have been entrained it is taboo to discuss these “woman” issues. I believe we have lost the traditional ways of gathering around as a sisterhood, to hold space together and share our burdens and to just dance.  BlueMoon

I say it is time to stop. I say it’s time to let go of these old wounds and old stories? I say as woman we need to dream a new story for ourselves, for our sisters, our daughters and all our descendants that are coming! I say it’s time for us to gather round and heal our Womb wounds, and tap into our Womb Wisdom.  And dance into being the new dream waiting for us.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We are One.



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