Answering the Call, Shamanic Practitioner training is a non-traditional core shamanic initiation – these teachings aim to put you on the path to your destiny.

Do you “feel” you have a “calling?

Yet do not have a “tradition” to fall back on, or perhaps you are without any traditional, cultural heritage that influences your practice.

Then Answering the Call is your answer. This training program is ideal for those not raised within a typical indigenous tradition, or who were raised in a Western environment and looking for a shamanic practitioner who understands this.  Mama Ursula’s process to becoming an African indigenous initiated sangoma was experienced in an environment that she knew little about and in a language she was not familiar with – a huge challenge while taking this journey. Her task now is to take students through an initiation process that is not based on any particular tradition – it is core shamanism.

While in itwasa (sangoma/shaman) training I knew that the process I was undergoing was not how I would choose to work.  After graduating, I was guided to core shamanism in order to share the teachings I have gained on my journey with those raised in the Western way, like I had been, with no tradition.”  ~ Mama Urs

What is core shamanism?

This combines the near-universal and universal with shamanic journeys to “other worlds” (non-ordinary realities) – a distinguishing feature of shamanism.  Core shamanism is not tied to or bound to any specific cultural group or tribe or approach, yet draws from all traditions and teachings.  Training allows students to gain a deeper relationship with their own spiritual guides, allies and mentors.

The first year is an introductory journey into core shamanic mysteries with the option to deepen your training with year 2 of Shaman Masters I and year 3 in Shaman Masters II – a year long process each.

The first-year intensive is an introduction for anyone unfamiliar with shamanism and shamanic practices, or on a personal journey to self-discovery, or in search of a connection and union with the spirit world. The shamanic tools shared through this training originate with indigenous core shamanic cosmologies from ancient African and world traditions. Giving the student an overall non-traditional shamanic initiation.

In Shaman Masters I we delve deeper into how to work with the elements, divinations and with the dying and dead.

In Shaman Masters II you learn about soul retrieval, and how to extract spiritual intrusions and clear ancestral patterns with the help of your good, true and beautiful ancestral helping spirits (GTB AHS) to heal patterns and traumas in your life that affect you, your family, the community and the world at large. The persistent patterns that are caused by our dead unreconciled relatives – for lasting, tangible transformation.

Learn shamanic practices and tools that empower you to:

  • develop a strong direct relationship with spirit guides, spirit animals and allies
  • practice divination and rituals
  • create sacred space
  • use sacred medicines
  • use divination tools
  • shamanic drum journeying
  • be initiated into the Shamanic Mysteries of KMT

Answering the Call – shamanic practitioner training, opens each participant up to transformation; to re-membering; and provides guidance on being attentive to the true calling of one’s authentic self while working in direct relationship with spirit helpers and allies.

Shamans believe that the true calling is the dream the universe is dreaming of you.

Yearly intakes are done in February of each year, with new cycles starting in March.