1. Spiritual Consultation

Through one-to-one consultation with Ursula’s guides and yours, we assist you in resolving challenges you may be facing in your life. This is not a fortune-telling! This is a reading.  Readings are concerned with your life purpose in the now. We assist you by shifting any negative energy or blocks you may be experiencing at this time in your life, giving you clarity to make informed choices.

2. Healing Ancestral Patterns

From a shamanic perspective, we carry the unresolved patterns, trauma, unpaid debts and un-manifested goals of dead relatives who have gone before us. Those dead relatives who have not “crossed over” and reconciled their lives.  Those in our bloodlines that did not live well, and did not die well.  These unresolved energies are with us – they are in our DNA.

Science calls it epigenetics, shamanic practitioners call this a mental illness.

Let us look at this from an historic research perspective.  Combat soldiers in the 1970s were made to watch films of army pilots being shot down. Following the exercise these soldiers were tested and found to experience an analgesia effect (pain reduction) when they were pricked. They were unable to feel the pain at all!

Yes – analgesics are drugs to relieve pain, it was as if the soldiers had been given nine milligrams of pure morphine.

The analgesia effect mimics a drug-induced type high through repeated trauma or repeated negative patterns.  When these patterns are repeated a morphine type high is attained, so we end up being programmed for failure and numb to our experiences.  We seek more of these patterns and traumas over and over again. We are seeking our “high”!  That means a person will go out (unconsciously) and look for these types of experiences or patterns over and over again. Many of us are repeating our trauma or pattern and completely unaware of it. And without an end in sight.

“insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” sound familiar?

How many of us have wondered why our families seem so dysfunctional?

Where do patterns of depression or anxiety come from?

What about all the addictions we find in our families – like sex, drugs, food, gambling, alcohol and more recently addiction to social media.

How about unexplained fertility issues or miscarriages, or the high levels of suicide and mental health cases in our societies.

Our low self-worth and lack of self-esteem.

How about the challenges we face around our health; procrastination; abusive relationships; or attracting co-dependency relationships. Injustices around race; sexual orientation;resources and financial wealth.

The list is endless!

what’s your daily dosage of morphine?”

These are all examples of repeated patterns; post-traumatic stress; trauma; dis-eases; negative emotions; and negative beliefs.  They may have their roots in your bloodline – in your epigenetics – from your dead relatives or ancestors.

The root cause of all this and much, much more affects you, your family and humanity as a whole. In addressing these unresolved patterns, traumas and injustices change can be effected from a micro to a macro level. Resolving unreconciled patterns from our dead relatives and ancestral lines can not be ignored any longer.

How do we hope to create a new way of being for ourselves when we have not cleared the skeletons out of our own closets?

Identifying and clearing these patterns can be achieved through ancestral healing. Healing our ancestral trauma is vitally important for clearing these unconscious, or conscious, patterns from holding us captive and blocking us from our ultimate growth. Blocking us from being whom we came here to be! Blocking us from living our true souls purpose!  It is the only way to attain true happiness, freedom and clarity. So we can live the life our soul came here to experience.

It is incumbent on us to clear these traumas and patterns from our lives for ourselves and for the generations that are coming, for we are the ancestors that we have been waiting for.

Healing Ancestral Patterns are conducted distantly (remotely) for anywhere in the world.

3. Shamanic Energy Medicine

These shamanic energy medicine sessions can be booked for an in-person face-to-face session or conducted distantly (remotely), for anywhere in the world.

3.1. Decoupling – Resetting – Fight-or-Flight

After a traumatic event, many humans become stuck in the fight or flight or mode, and can be stuck for the rest of their lives.  When our fight or flight mode kicks in and we begin to make decisions on this survival state, we create dangerous situations for ourselves, and reinforce the idea that our world is not safe for us.

Animals will innately reset their fight or flight mode, humans do not not. Because we cannot. However in core shamanic energy medicine practice, shamans have discovered a way to reset our fight and flight mode of survival. This resetting is known as the decoupling process.

3.2 Illumination 

The illumination process consists of finding imprints in the Luminous Energy Filed, and erasing them, so that we are not defined by our past, and the traumas that occurred to us.  When the imprints that predispose us to certain behaviours, emotions and beliefs, are erased, we do not have to keep on reliving them. This is a core practice in shamanic energy medicine, because it allow us to clear imprints energetically, before they being to manifest physically.

This technique allows for you to experience your infinite, undying self – the self that never entered the stream of time, and the self that never lost connection with spirit. We heal by experiencing infinity. We also realise that we must not be tied down or defined by our past and we can determine our infinite futures.

*Luminous Energy Field contains the information and instruction on how our human body is built, as well how our emotions, actions and behaviours will manifest.  The LEF in each individual existed and will exist infinitely. The LEF connects us to each and every being and the energetic field of the earth itself. Unresolved psychological, physical or spiritual traumas can leave imprints in our LEF. If not confronted, these imprints will manifest in toxic ways – as illness and disease, consistent bad behaviours and decisions, constant negative emotions, and being stuck in fight or flight mode. These imprints will be passed down to the LEF of our descendants.

Good news, shamans can erase these imprints. This is why the illumination technique is so important.

3.3 Spiritual Extractions 

Spiritual illness is known as spiritual intrusion. Intrusions are inappropriate or negative energies in the body – these can become lodged within your body via negative conscious or unconscious thought projections. In the form of curses, spells or psychic attacks; from living in a spiritually toxic environment; or they can also be self-created thought forms that have become toxic over years of negative self-talk and poor self-image, for example, “I am not good enough,” “I do not deserve,” “I am useless,” or “I am not worthy” and other similar negative beliefs.

Generational Curses: curses are not just ill-wishes we receive from people who desire to harm us. They can also be inherited from our ancestors, who made unconscious contracts with others.  These generational curses can manifest on all four levels of engagement, physically, on the Serpent level – direction of the south in the medicine wheel), emotionally (Jaguar/Leopard level), sacred/mythically (Hummingbird level) or energetically (Eagle/Condor level).

Energetic Cords: Cords are created when we connect or disconnect with other people with ease.  When we encounter energetic threads that we have an affinity with, weather positive or negative, we can become tangled up in them.  Thus a cord is created. Our corded connection with another may be toxic, we become co-dependant, exchanging affinities and dark energies, emotions and baggage we carry with us. In addition, instead of cord forming, a feeding tube can appear.  Feeding tubes are channels that intrusive entities or energies use to feed off our life-force, and it can feel as if our lives are no longer our own. It is important to note that cords endure across time and distance.  Healing according to shamanic energy medicine cannot continue without addressing and cutting these toxic energetic cords.

Cord Cutting is the process shamans use to cut cords formed by our affinity or affinities for certain people or dramas.  These cords can be cut to release the person we are connected with to their own destiny, and they are no longer co-dependent on us/ours.

What are affinities? Our affinities for toxic people or situations are dangerous not only to ourselves, because they block healing, but to others when we project our issues onto them.  As we begin to cut away our affinities, shadows, cords, and feeding tubes – with the help of a shamanic practitioner and lineage, we get to understand that intrusive entities can also be in pain.  Performing an extraction brings these entities to our lineage of shamanic helpers in the spirit realm where they own healing can being.  Intrusive energies, however, can lead to physical manifestations of illness.  When we extract these energies, they are released back into Earth and become part of nature.

4. Soul Portion Retrieval

Soul Portion Retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that heals soul portion loss. Soul portion loss can occur whenever you have trauma in your life – it is when an aspect of your subconscious or a portion of your soul disassociates from you. This can occur when you have experienced an illness, depression, any type of surgery (including Caesarean, miscarriages, difficult births, hysterectomies, abortions etc.), recovery from chemotherapy, disappointment, abusive situations, a sudden shock to your system, divorce, psychic attacks, or the death of a loved one, and any long or short term emotional or physical traumas.

Soul Portion loss can also result in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, insomnia, gaps in memory or when you are unable to focus or concentrate.

You may have experienced soul loss if you were in an accident, have been hijacked, been sexually abused, undergone serious surgery or if you suddenly lose a close friend or family member to death. From a Shamanic perspective, soul loss is a common cause of illness. Traditionally, a Shamanic practitioner would conduct soul retrieval within three days of someone experiencing trauma. Today, modern Shamanic practitioners seek lost soul parts that are willing to return from any point in life.

5. Distant Remote Session

What will be required for a distant remote session?

Schedule a session.

Make your payment.

Send a recent photograph of yourself, and your physical address before the session with proof of payment.

If making an appointment for someone other than yourself, their permission will be required.

Psycho Pomp

Involves the guiding of souls into the afterlife, basically helping people who have died cross over into transcendent realms.

If a loved one has died, whether recently or some time ago, you can check up on them to ensure that they have “crossed over.” This is to make sure that they have indeed moved on to the realm of the dead, commonly known as “Heaven”.

You are welcome to contact Ursula with the full name of your loved one so we can check whether they have indeed “crossed over” and assist with “crossing over” if needed.  

This service is a FREE community service.

You are encouraged to observe the Law of Ma’at which is to nurture peace and oneness with all through order and reciprocity. Reciprocity is giving and receiving. Donations for the reciprocal energy of exchange are welcomed at your discretion.

‘The forces that define our lives and paths we take are so far beyond our own reckoning.  Like many waves beating against the shore only to reveal a great treasure, the journey I have taken with the help of Ursula has revealed my best self.  I am forever indebted.  For here I stand a free and true man.’ Namaste ~Kyle Z, South Africa