Are you ready to step into your feminine power,
to create the life you desire?

Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs and self-sabotage?

Are you hungry for nourishment, self-love and a deeper connection
to who you are meant to BE?

This is your call to action!

It’s time sister, to reclaim your womb power!


Your womb – the most powerful and creative organ within your feminine body. It is the seat of your feminine power and intuition; it is what defines you as woman. Your womb is as divine as it is sacred. It is the organ which brings forth new life; it is also the portal to creating and birthing your dreams and goals AND manifesting them in reality.

A woman’s womb space is where she carries her pain, fear, shame and guilt, often over many years or even lifetimes. These negative feelings can be inherited from our mothers, grandmothers, our ancestral line and genetically. These blockages or traumas remain within our wombs and are passed down to our daughters and sons. Until we release these suppressed traumas, we will continue to see the rise of womb dis-eases such as fibroids, painful menstruation, cancer, ovarian cysts, infertility, miscarriages, uterine dis-eases and endometriosis as well as other resultant physical outcomes through abortions and operations like hysterectomies.

These blockages suppress the natural flow of energy, energy which allows us to feel true feminine sensuality, innocence and the freedom to live a life of choice as the divine creators of our own lives.

Your womb, the core of creation which nurtures and supports life, is the portal for birthing our personal and collective dreams into being. It is in the womb that we create all things.

You are invited on this 30 day journey. We will journey through your time in your mother’s womb – the womb that conceived, gestated and birthed you. We will re-activate your original genetic blueprint, let go of negative imprints and rebirth into love.

Through clearing old wounds, we awaken the womb code within, bringing powerful transformation and empowerment. In restoring, purifying and nurturing the womb to wholeness, we alter the scope of our human conditioning. Human conditioning through the patriarchal order, which no longer holds value and has negatively affected women for many generations.

In this sacred work we transform and heal not only our wounds, but the wounds carried across our entire ancestral family line. Layer by layer we will uncover deep personal hidden hurts and those of our ancestors which we carry unconsciously. We aim to redress energetically the manifestation of these traumas within the physical body. Our womb is vaster and more aware, with consciousness extending through the beginning of time itself

We will be birthing a new reality by connecting into our wombs. We allow ourselves to open our senses, removing distortions and bringing us back to our true power. This work is deep, it takes great courage to allow yourself to step out of your own way in order to experience why and how your life has shifted course. It is through awareness and love that we will bring forth the healing to restore and reclaim our feminine innocence and power.

On this 30-day journey we will release and bring to wholeness

  • Womb emotional traumas and dis-eases
  • Sexual abuse & traumas
  • Release souls of un-birthed abortions and miscarriages
  • Heal emotional imprints of sexually transmitted dis-ease
  • Yoni purification and healing
  • Cut ties of old sexual lovers
  • Negative emotions AND negative genealogical emotions

What you will receive

  • 6 deep Shamanic Ceremonies with guided audio journeys
  • 6 Long-Distance Energy Healing Transmissions
  • Conscious Re-Conception Ceremony: Spirit into Matter, Shamanic Audio Journey
  • Womb Elements Gestation Healing; Shamanic Audio Journeying through Womb Air, Womb Water, Womb Fire and Womb Earth and Energy Transmission
  • Ceremony of Rebirth
  • Personal online support from Ursula Macheke
  • This journey is open to both men and women, and takes place in your own sacred space

This journey is relevant to every single woman on the planet.

What other participants say about the Sacred Womb Journey (aka shamanic total rebirth):

‘This journey is an opportunity to explore and meet yourself deeply. It’s a must for all who seek healing from past traumas and overcoming challenges to realizing your greater self. I recommend follow up sessions in life coaching or integration after the journey are considered to assist with shifting behaviour patterns that keep us stuck and embedding new positive ways of living your best life.’~ Feriyal B, RSA.


‘The total shamanic rebirth is not for the faint hearted. It is work! Hard, intense, deep cleaning soul work. What an honour and blessings to be supported by a generous and supportive healer like Gogo Ursula. She nurtured and cared for each and every one of us for 30 days, assuring us that we had what it takes(s) to release and transmute generational pain. And when it all got too much, she switched on the music and reminded us to dance! I was always in awe of her resilience and grace as she held the space for us navigate through some murky waters. I have never felt lighter in my life and highly recommend this journey for anyone tired of being tired and will do to do the work. Gogo Ursula is truly a gem & precious light worker who is patience and kind but will kick your behind to help you get out of your own way. Thokoza’ ~ Masasa M, RSA