Let us Return Home, to a place more than 10 000 years ago, we would make a pilgrimage to a place called KMT (the Black Land) and the Hapy (Nile Valley).  What is now known today as Egypt and Sudan was know by a different name by its original inhabitants. The original inhabitants the Kemetyu.   No one knows exactly how old the KMT civivilizaiton really is.  The original people of the Hapy (Nile Valley) called this place KMT – the Black Land –

The word Egypt is a Greek pronunciation of  Ht-Ka-Ptah – The House of the Ka of Ptah, this was the KMT name for city Memphis.  At one point the Greeks called this country Aigiptios.

In this place of the Hapy, we would gather to share and learn knowledge from spiritual, astronomical, medical, sciences and replenish our being.  Fill ourselves with transformative knowledge to move through our daily lives.

On this transformative journey to Returning Home, you will be initiated into the Shamanic Mysteries of KMT, by entering the ancient gates, particularly  Weset – Ipet Iesut,  the Ausar Temple in Abydos,  Temple of Het-Heru in Dandera, and ending our journey through the gates of Temple of Min – Ipt Isut (Luxor Temple).

We will have daily African KMT Yoga™, invite transmissions from the Neteru through hekaus & mediations (Rswt Qed).  As well cultivate our RA force through sacred dance – Abua Ecstatic Dance Meditation.  Renew our divine sacred relationship & potent energy of sacred sexuality through – Netchemit Sexual mediations.

Our days will be spent entering into the ancient gates & enjoy lectures on the KMT sciences, cosmology, philosophies, and energy body clearings.  While our nights will be filled in celebration through dance, music and shamanic journeys.

Come on a journey to replenish your spirit and Re-Member who you truly are.  Come and visit the ancients KMT temples that will bringing clarity, healing  and direction that is in alignment with your personal inner truth.  Come and visit the temples that our ancient ancestors  built to honour the Neteru. Come help celebrate our African KMT Yoga™ teacher graduates, as they come together in this sacred place for their final initiation into the Mysteries of KMT through their year long yoga teacher training.

We begin our journey visiting the fierce Lioness Neteru*, Sekhmet at Weset – Ipet Iesut (Karnak Temple) for a blessing. Sekhmet represents the transformational power of Sekhem (kundalini energy or life force, prana or chi).  She is the fierce protector of truth, balance and cosmic order of Ma’at. She is our main Neter (goddess) for harnessing this power throughout our journey. She will be our major guide during this 14-day journey.

* The word “nature” originates from the word Neteru, these are archetypal guides and principles from the Kemetic (Egyptian) pantheon. With ancient wisdom and abiding love, they lead us on our journey of transformation – a journey designed to awaken the healing power of our hearts.

We delve deep into a very potent alchemical journey of the self. Merging body, mind and spirit in the name of Ma’at.

With powerful transmissions streaming from guided shamanic journeys which connect you to the KMT Neteru (Gods/Goddess) like Ausar, Auset, Heru, and Ma’at (to name a few). We connect to these powerful energies through AfriCan KMT Yoga™ practices, hekaus, meditation and dance as seen on the ancient temple walls.

Transform your life & yourself by gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of this unique Shamanic Mysteries of KMT Yoga™ & help celebrate in community our new yoga teachers. The retreat will give you a better understanding of AfriCan KMT Yoga™ for deeper self-practice.  This integrated approach to yoga & shamanic spirituality will give you a taste of how our ancient ancestors in Africa lived in alignment to cosmic law and principles.  For an integrated, wholesome Being.

Retreat Highlights

Daily African KMT Yoga™ classes

Daily lectures and energy body clearing

Daily mediation, Hekau’s and guided shamanic journeys

Introduction to Kemetic sciences, philosophy and cosmology

Initiation into the Shamanic Mysteries of KMT