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Spring  has finally arrived in the Southern hemisphere and hope the cold spell we have experienced the past couple of days will pass soon.

I’ve been wracking my brain on how to formulate this blog post around the concept of providing some shamanic tools for clearing and protecting one’s home. There are a various ways of doing this, but for the purpose of Spring, I will share a simple but effect method.  Of course one is strongly encouraged to engage in the services of an initiated shaman for more complex clearing.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that we are energy, our possessions contain energy and so to our home.  If you are not clearing your home environment often, you pretty much leaving yourself open to any and all types of energy to enter – a welcome mat, so to speak.  So, claiming back your power is vital.

How do you do this?

Make it a habit to clear your environment as often as you feel it appropriate.  For instance, after a dinner or luncheon party, clear your space. Especially as the weather warms up, and the urge to entertain beckons. Remember, that  the people you invite into your home have, quite frankly and are likely to have left some of their energy (negative and positive) in your home. All unconsciously, of course or not.  Or if you move into a new house or apartment.  In this case, a clearing would include the clearing the property and asking your helping spirits, guides and the spirits of the land for protection and blessings.  It’s important and I would encourage you to seek the services of an initiated shaman to do a through job.  For instance I clear my home, once a week, however my healing room and yoga studio I do daily.

Why bother?

Clearing your home has the added benefit of opening up your space for your gifts.  If you have planted your seeds (goals and dreams) as I wrote in my previous blog, Spring – Sowing your seeds ,  this next process helps open the way for any blockages that may effect the free flow of energy to you within your home environment.

Another good idea is to clear your own Auric field (human energy field) – especially if your work environment involves meeting different people each day or you may spend time in shopping malls, restaurants or over crowed places.    A simple way to do this, have a bath with a handful of course salt added to the bath water.  Either use course sea salt or Epson salts.  These are inexpensive and ready available in supermarkets, or health shops.  To make them more appealing, add some dried lavender or your favorite herb to the mix.

How to clear the energy within your home

smug sticks

What you will need:

  • Sage smug stick (or Impepo – African sage)
  • A smugging feather (a single feather will also work)
  • Shell
  • Matches or lighter
  • A bowl with river sand
  • Your intention – in this case to clear your home of all negative and or by-gone energy


  • Open all the windows and doors
  • Light the Sage smug stick, and allow it burn for a few moments and blow the flame out, so that you have a gentle smoke
  • Move through each room of your home, focusing on the corners of each room, brushing away with the feather.  Use the motion as if you are sweeping away the energy out of the room
  • Open all cupboards, and wardrobes and continue to use your smug stick to clear the energy
  • Once you have completed this process in all the rooms of your home, put the smug stick out by placing it into the bowl of river sand to kill the smoldering.  And also, so you can re-use the smug stick for the next time.

images (2)

After completing your house clearing, it’s a good idea to bless your home with the following method I found to be very effective.

Blessing Your Home

Use 9 Bay Leaves in half a glass of Salt, to bless your house and dispel any negative energy.

Bay leaves are used in Spell work for protection, exorcism, psychic vision, good dreams and repels negative energy.

Salt absorbs negative energies and bad feelings, it is probably the best known protector in magic.

Putting these two together and it is like a super spell that will get rid of any stale or negative energies that are surrounding you or your home. This spell has been done for thousands of years, in the Spring. When people did a ‘Spring Clean’ they would put the cup of salt and the 9 Bay leaves around the home, to clear out any stale or negative energies – Source WICA Teachings

Notice, once this process has been completed how light you feel and the energy within your home is different.  Enjoy.

Bay leaves in a bottle











Om Hotep! Peace and light


Mitakuye Oyasin – We are one!

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