Ursula van Graan Macheke

Ursula (affectionally known as Mama Urs) is an initiated African Shaman and shamanic practitioner, alchemist, yoga teacher, reiki master, energy healer, master’s certified transformational life coach, a womb shaman and a sacred sexuality practitioner. They dedicate themselves in service to others by enabling and supporting the reclamation of personal and spiritual autonomy.

Transformation is at the heart of what they do, making use of their broad repertoire of approaches, they facilitate personal empowerment and growth through individual consultation, shamanic practices, yogic wisdom, and various other healing modalities.

Their healing work encompasses, shamanic consultations, shamanic extractions, womb healing, group life coaching to empower woman be the CEO of their lives, energy healing and yoga. They also train shamans who have the “calling” and yoga teacher desire to be yoga instructors/teachers. We also offer sacred sexuality healing work to woman for them to take ownership of their own sexuality.

As a medicine wo/man having studied core shamanism for more than two decades, Ursula applies the philosophy of ancient and holistic energy knowledge from around the world including African, Native American, Aboriginal, and European cosmologies.


In our late twenties we suffered a Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) or minor stroke. In Shamanic terms, this is “a shamanic death”. The CVA left us partially paralysed with the inability to formulate speech or move our limbs. We underwent stroke rehabilitation, speech and physical therapy, yoga and we meditated to regain our health and get our life back. We occasionally suffered minor seizures until our initiation as an African Sangoma and Shaman when these seizures strangely disappeared.

After two years of therapy (after our minor stroke) we were determined to seek alternative ways to heal our mind, body and spirit.  This desire lead us to learn from shamans, masters, grand masters and lineage keepers in shamanism, KMT (pronounced kemetic) sciences, transformational life coaching, energy healers, sacred plant medicines, shamanic sacred sexuality, womb healing and the priestess path.  We have not looked back since,  we started this transformational journey over twenty five years ago.

We have helped clients & students from all around the world to break through obstacles which may have seemed insurmountable. Life’s too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let us help you to develop better ways to handle issues that are standing in your way.

Finally we wish to express our deep gratitude & appreciation to all the many teachers, masters, grandmasters and lineage keepers who we have studied with over the past 25 years.  Thank you for your guidance, teachings and wisdom.  Thank you for sharing your light with us. We am deeply grateful and forever thankful to you all.

Shem m hotep (go in peace)” ~ Mama Urs