Death is Coming


Returning from a two week intensive emersion on Shamanic Sacred Sexuality is my entry to 2020.

While there my creative juices (literally) began to flow.  It’s been a while since I wrote or published anything.  This is my most recent, about dying. Dying of not only the physical body, but all aspects of dying we shy away from.

“We await in anticipation for that final take of the inhale.
The fear rippling through the body.
So many fear this precious of gifts.
So many with many preconceived ideas of what death is, feels, or looks like.

Death comes to all.

Death is coming.

We all must do one thing in this life.

It is unavoidable, no matter how much we avoid it, or pretend it does not exist.

We cling on to the life we have. We cling to the relations we endured.

Those relationships that have brought us so much joy, most times and those that brought us those beautiful lessons of pain.
Those experiences we shrugged off, or clung onto.
We struggle to see, that we are here to witness the life, the personality.
In all it’s forms.
It is here we experience life.
In death we experience formlessness, Armenta, some call it bliss.
We must all die.

We die when a relations ends. When we no longer feel the love for that person.
We die when a job ends.
We die when our passion for something diminishes.
We are always in a cycle of death.
Knowingly or unknowingly.

It’s time we see death as a celebration.
A time to go home, back to soul, back to spirit.
A time to reconnect with the ancient ancestors who have gone before us.
To reconnect with our true, good and beautiful ancestors.
It is a time for us to reconcile this life.

A time to ask did we die well? Did we live well?
Dying well is important. For this will give an indication of where in the Duart we will go.
We welcome Anubis and Maat in the weighing of our heart on the scale of justice with the ostrich feather.
A balanced scale heart indicating we have lived well and taken responsibility for our lives and energy.
An unbalanced scale, indicating the reverse.
We are asked “What debts did we leave unpaid?”
For all these will determine where in our next formless life we shall go.
Shall we remain in the in-between worlds of the living?
Or transcend to the land of the dead?

Death is coming.

Death is the celebration a graduation from life.
Death has no favourites.
Death asks no permission.
Death is not to be feared, dear ones.
For the formless ones await for you at the end of golden light tunnel.
Guiding you to the Duart…..
Ready to receive the new soul coming home.

Death is coming. ”


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