Conscious Dying

I’m wondering if anyone of us has thought to how we will celebrate our transition from Form (life) to Formlessness (aka death)? With the understanding that once we are in Spirt it is a time of celebration and reflection on the other side.

However, what about the vessel we leave behind – our body. Will we hand our power over to the Religious institution (Priests/Pastors, Imaan, Rabbi) for our rite of passage to the Spirt realm? And how we as humanity have handed this very power over to others. Our SOUL has 3 components- many of you believe there is only one SOUL! However, there are 3 aspects to a SOUL- 1. The Soul which returns to Spirit to address the life we have lived in this incarnation 2. The soul that returns as another incarnation and 3. the soul of the body. This part – the soul of the body must return to the earth. Hence the idea of burials – these could be into the ground, fire or sky burials. The shell of the body that must give back to the earth.

Yet, as I reflect on what I am experiencing now with the recent death in my family. I am seeing how we so blindly disrespect the body in the manner we treat it, how we fear the empty shell and are so unprepared and un-knowledgeable about how to administer its last rites of passage. Just got me thinking of how I need to manage and prepare for a conscious death. With clear instructions on how I desire my body to be prepared. Thereby, taking ownership of my body while I am not here to have control to what will or not be done.

Have any of you thought of what you would like and need for your transition? Are you aware of what a conscious death is? Or is death a taboo topic not to be discussed at all costs? Or do you arrogantly ignore that you MUST die one day. And ignore the very vessel we have been GIFTED to be in this life to experience?

We MUST return to Spirit from hence we came. However, also respect this body we have and prepare for our eventual transition in a respectful and honoring manner. We celebrate births, ed27750786_10155310284657335_479050630965604558_nucational accomplishments and love – yet give little thought or none to our forthcoming transition- aka death. A conscious death is one way of ensuring ownership of this. 💟

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