Answering the Call


Answering the Call is a two year shamanic intensive designed to put you on the path of your destiny and lead by initiated shaman, Ursula van Graan.  Answering the Call is an introduction to shamanism for anyone unfamiliar with these practices, or those who “have the calling”, or on a personal journey of self mastery and in search for connection and union to the Spirit world. The shamanic tools shared in the Answering the Call come out of  world wide ancient shamanic arts.

Learn shamanic tools that empower you to:-

  • Work in deeper union with the Spirit world.  This helps you to “wake up”.
  • Work in direct relationship with your Spirit Helpers.  This helps you get out of the play pen and step into your Souls purpose.
  • Master your False Self and work in union with your Authentic Self in everyday life.  This helps you to grow up to be a Spiritual Adult.
  • Walk in the world on the path of your destiny as an empowered, self aware Spiritual Adult with a Whole and Courageous Heart.

Awaken into the sacred dream the Universe is dreaming of you.

Answering the Call opens each participant to transformation, to change, to pay attention to the true calling of one’s Authentic Self while working with direct relationship with their Spirit Helpers.

Shamans believe that the true calling is the dream the Universe is dreaming of you.

Come learn the contemporary shamanic tools to allow that dream be realized through the actions of your life. Universal Shamanic traditions and cosmology will be drawn from ALL cultures, mainly Afrikan, Native American, European, Hawaiian, Aboriginal, Toltec, Siberian and Kabalistic.   Therefore each cycle will be eclectic and practical for everyday living.


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