Animal Totem & Medicine Wheel

Medicine WheelEach and every person has nine power or totem animals that represent the medicine (gifts, talents or strengths) they carry in their life. These animals emulate each person’s abilities, talents and challenges.

Using Native American Indian animal medicine, we take a journey to meet your animal guides.  These animal totems have been walking with you from the day you entered into this physical world.

In this nine week journey you will become acquainted with each totem animal from the 8 directions and begin the process of building a healthily working relationship with these powerful allies.

What you will learn:

~ the medicine your animal totem carries

~ the power your animal totem carries

~ knowledge of the Medicine Wheel

~ the lessons you have chosen to learn in this  life

~ Journey to meet your power allies

~ appropriate Journey questions

~ how to interpret your symbolic language

~ explore and design the core values you wish to carry with you through life

~ how to build your medicine shield to carry the energies you need to be a Spiritual Adult


How this will be achieved:

~ we meet for one and half hours a week over 9 weeks

~ open sacred space and invite these animal totems to align and aid in achieving your goals

~ call upon the power or medicine for specific talents

~ clearing rituals for aspects that no longer serve you

~ explore how each medicine is reflected in your daily living

At the end of this process, it is envisioned that you will have built a strong relationship with your animal totems, have a clear understanding of your truths and core values, build a clear vision and goals for your life.  Finally, take ownership of your life as a Spiritual Adult.

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