The original African KMT ™ Yoga training is a one of a kind yogic experience.

African KMT ™ Yoga was inspired and developed by Zimbabwean-South African initiated African sangoma and shamanic practitioner, yoga teacher, energy healer and transformational life coach, Ursula van Graan Macheke.

Ursula integrates shamanic practices, Kemetic and African cosmology, science, philosophy, authentic tantra, sacred sexuality, hatha yoga and her own personal empowerment processes when presenting this uniquely authentic yoga journey. The training introduces students to ancient Kemetic and African knowledge systems. Feeling little affinity with aspects of Hindu yoga, cosmology and certain deities; and experiencing a deeper resonance with the kemetic teachings, the Neteru of Ausar, Auset, Heru, Het-Heru, Herukhuti, Ma’at, Sekhmet and Aunpu (Anubis), Ursula’s approach aims to integrate indigenous knowledge systems.

Her person assimilates aspects of ancient African knowledge wisdom, holistic shamanic practices, sacred sexuality and energy healing techniques to complement these ancient teachings. This is highly relevant for those seeking a yoga teacher training or a personal transformation with roots in ancient African spiritual teachings.

Having worked on various facets of human healing over her twenty year journey, Ursula came to the realisation that life challenges are generally understood in an isolated way and thus dealt with separately. Her person believes that deeply integrated healing can only be achieved by delving into all aspects of the individual, through the mind, body and spirit in order to achieve lasting and meaningful transformation.



Did you know?

“The word kem in the Mdu Ntr means black,  thus kemet literally means “The Black Land.” This is depicted as a hieroglyphs below.”

‘What a great training! This exceeded my expectations and Ursula has such a beautiful strong, presence that brought everything together and made us feel like we have a second mom. Her wealth of knowledge about yoga, the Kemetic sciences, shamanism, emotional healing combined with her own personal stories made the teacher training worthwhile. I am very grateful to have come along this journey and what it a privilege it has been to learn from her.’~ Sarah Wesley, USA